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I want to start a mobile dog grooming service but I don't have enough money to purchase a van outright, what can I do?

You have several resources available to you that can help get your business going, mainly financing. Financing can be acquired through either a third party company or through the manufacturers of the vans themselves (Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes), each method has pros and cons associated with them.

Do you only convert vans?

No, we also can convert trailers. We produce two trailer sizes a 6'x12' (light enough to be towed by a crossover) and a and a 7'x14' both single axles.  Our trailers offer a great entry point to the market at a lower price than a van conversion.

How long is the lead time to convert a van?

The typical lead time to produce a van is 4-6 weeks

Do you offer financing?

No, we work closely with several different financing companies that can offer competitive rates however we do not offer financing ourselves.  We can also provide guidance and contact information to help you make on the best choice for financing your business. 

Will you do a conversion on a van that I already have in my possession?

Yes, we will do conversions on a van that you bring to us, there could be an additional engineering fee attached to the standard conversion cost.  This is calculated on a case-by-case basis so give us a call and we can help get you a price.

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